Tala 1960s Cooks Dry Measure

Tala 1960s Cooks Dry Measure
Tala Tala 1960s Cooks Dry Measure


Tala 1960s Cooks Measure has been used by many cooks throughout generations and is a very popular and useful product to have.


Tala 1960s Cooks Dry Measure

This fantastic invention has been used in kitchens for generations by cooks and is very popular. This 1960's Dry measure by Tala is very handy, there is no need for scales, simply tip your ingredients into this measure and lightly shake to even. It includes graded measures for sugar, rice, pulses, dried fruit and much more. It can be used to measure liquids for immediate use but it is not water tight so it may leak through the seams.

-Not dishwasher safe

-Size: 14cm x 11cm

-Material: Metal

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